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 Virtual Yacht Listings

Check out an example tour! Click and drag the image to look around; click the icons to move through the boat. Have fun and enjoy!

What Are We About?

We are 360Cruisers, the virtual yacht listing site. We are here to make boat buying and selling a breeze by virtualization your boat.

Virtually welcome your clients aboard. With 360Cruisers you no longer have to rely on a few pictures and a brief description. Buyers will get a full immersive and interactive view of your boat.

Here you can explore the boat as if you were there, interact with the tour, open the engine room, and explore as you like.

How It Works

  1. Step one contact us. We have great deals for virtual tours. Onetime fee as low as $150, no monthly cost.
  2. We come out to you and train you on how to take the photos.  The first boat of your choice is FREE.
  3. We build the tour, then host the files and list it on 360Cruisers, no additional cost to you. Add it to your own webpage or send your customers and potential buyers here to 360Cruisers.

What You Get With Your Tour

  1. A beautiful interactive virtual tour that works online and can be seen by everyone in the world.
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) headset compatibility. All tours come ready to be used by most VR headsets.
  3. Free Boat Listing. Your boat will be added for free to our listing site.
  4. Free Virtual Tour Hosting. Add the tour to your own website. Place your tour anywhere on the web.


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